Nurse Phone Triage






Our nurses are available during normal business hours to assist you with general medical questions via the phone and our patient portal. Telephone calls should be for urgent matters only. The portal can be accessed for non-urgent matters.

Things to know about phone triage:

  • Calls are answered in order of urgency and not time received in office.
  • Calls between 8:30am to 5:00pm will be answered the same day. Calls will be returned within 2 – 3 hours, or sooner if the schedule permits.
  • Calls after 5:00pm will be answered only if urgent matter needs addressed that day. Expect a call back the following day for non-urgent calls/medication refills.
  • Non-urgent calls include breastfeeding, nutrition, sleep questions, medications, all forms, etc. We will answer these concerns as soon as possible.
  • Please do not leave multiple messages, especially with different voicemails as this slows down the process of answering your concerns.
  • Medication refill requests: please allow 3 days to process prescription requests.
  • Allow 3 days for all forms including daycare, FMLA, Sports Physical, etc.
  • When leaving a message please include your name, patient name, patient DOB, reason for call, current call back number.

Please be mindful that our nursing staff is working with the providers seeing patients in the office along with answering phone calls and patient portal messages. We do our best to answer the phone whenever possible, but a message may need to be left.